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Being born in the wrong era is the longing for a time different from your own...
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Pyramid R 290 by uk vintage on Flickr.
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. 1957 Unknown Artist.


Pyramid R 290 by uk vintage on Flickr.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. 1957
Unknown Artist.


In so many ways, I can relate to how Tom felt like during the downward spiral of his relationship with Summer. During my first long relationship, I was oblivious to reality of our situation. I was so caught up in fulfilling this idealized fantasy of how I wanted our relationship to look like that I negated all the cracks and sign of imbalance in our relationship. I was oblivious to everything because I refused to believe that our relationship was anything but perfect. It all came crashing down on me eventually. When it happened, I was in a state of shock, like time and life stopped. I spent all my energy crafting this idealized relationship that I lost sight of the important foundations that keeps a relationship strong. It took me months and months to realize the first sign of cracks, and when I did I felt so stupid. If I could give my past self advice it would be: Don’t idealized relationship, focus on now and not on what could be, be level headed, and never take things for granted. A relationship can only work when two people are in the same place mentally. It prevents illusions from controlling reality and expectations, it keeps people grounded. It is important.

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Billboard in Seattle in the ’70s

Billboard in Seattle in the ’70s

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Happy birthday, Aubrey Plaza! (June 26, 1984)

"I was twelve or thirteen at the time, and when I auditioned, I really thought I had a good chance of getting the role of Cinderella - to do the lead was an appealing idea to me, but I got cast as one of the ugly step sisters. I remember the first night getting some big laughs from the audience, and knowing then that this was what I wanted to do: to make people laugh”.

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Kristen Wiig’s characters appreciation post

This is beautiful.

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